Integrated Venture Investment Strategy

A multi-stage, diversified approach to investing into venture capital that amplifies the best return-generating characteristics of venture and simultaneously dampens downside risk

Integrated Venture Investing

Data driven decisioning
Low minimums for LP’s
Opt-in direct investments for LP’s

Emerging Manager
  • Index-like exposure to top performing micro-funds
  • Downside risk mitigation across 15+ diversified funds
  • Proprietary portfolio data that informs direct investments

3.1X MOIC Across 25 Funds, 12 Years

8-10 Years Liquidity Horizon

0% Management Fee + 10% Carried Interest

Direct Investments
  • Consistent pipeline of 6-8 direct investments per year
  • Concentrated holdings in
    verified outliers
  • Shorter time horizon to liquidity

10.7X MOIC Across 70+ investments

2-4 Years Liquidity Horizon

Traditional 2 | 20% Vehicle